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Founded in 2019 by the artistic spirit of Lisa Pearson, Willow Moon Collective, originally Lisa Pearson Designs, is synonymous with quality designs.  ​Willow Moon Collective is a collection of lovingly curated women's and children's accessories and apparel, handcrafted jewelry and home decor for the free-spirited. 

In 2023, Lisa joined forces with her incredibly talented and creative daughter, Taylor Jones.  Together they follow their hearts to curate & create a fresh collection every season that foster fun, encourage self-expression and are destined to become apparel, jewelry & home faves.​ 

Lisa, a 20+ year accessory, clothing and graphic designer, finds inspiration in her experiences, her family and her surroundings. Taylor, with her extension retail management experience, 

Lisa along with her husband, Jeff and their two rescue pups, Daphne & Darby, love to enjoy the outdoors, by traveling, camping, mountain biking,  and hiking in Buena Vista, Colorado and spending as much time with her granddaughter, Rue Ann. They dream of one day living on the Portuguese coast, enjoying ocean breezes and traveling to experience other cultures.  


Taylor, her husband Kyle, infant daughter, Rue Ann and pup, Aja, enjoy the beauty of their Lake Geneva, Wisconsin farm and spending time on the local lakes, gardening, taking care of their three horses and enjoying the outdoors.

Lisa & Jeff
Lisa & Taylor
Lisa, Taylor & Rue
Taylor, Kyle & Rue
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